Date 2022-03-29 
Time 16:00 
Title Ultrathin optoelectronic devices for wearable/implantable applications 

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■ 제 목Ultrathin optoelectronic devices for wearable/implantable applications


 연 사:  최문기 교수 (울산과학기술원 신소재공학과)                  


■  일 시:  2022년 3월 29(화) 오후 4시 


 ■ Host :  강지형 교수 


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 Abstract :   

Soft electronic devices, in particular healthcare-related ones, have been intensively studied over the past decade due to their unique advantages in biomedical applications over the conventional rigid electronics, including conformal contacts on human skin and high deformability that minimizes unwanted inflammatory responses. To achieve the soft nature in high performance electronics and to apply this technology to wearable biomedical electronics/optoelectronics, several strategies have been employed, such as the designed assembly of high-quality nanomaterials, combination of unconventional manufacturing processes with existing micro-processing technologies, new design of individual devices with deformable structures, and disease-specific system-level integration of diverse soft electronics. Here, we describe ultrathin flexible optoelectronic devices for wearable/implantable applications. Ultrathin high-resolution red-green-blue quantum dot LEDs can be utilized next-generation electronic tattoo, transparent smart display, and display of healthcare monitoring wearable devices. In addition, graphene-MoS2 heterostructures or ultrathin Si nanomembranes can be applied to the bioinspired ultrathin curved image sensors.