About MSE

The core of materials science and engineering (MSE) is

the understanding of how materials’ structure and chemical make-up at the micro-, nano-, and atomic scale is related to their properties such as electrical, optical, mechanical, magnetic, and thermal behavior. Utilizing such relationships, new compounds, phases, micro- and nano- structures, and devices with novel properties, high-performance, and tuned functionalities are made.


Materials Science and Engineering

Our goal is

to apply these new materials to various applications such as semiconductors, displays, energy materials, sensors, structural materials, and biomaterials. MSE also develops economical and efficient synthesis and production methods for manufacturing.

In the coming era of globalization

our department will continue to strive towards internationalization, and interdisciplinary research and education. MSE will continue to contribute to the rapidly changing world that constantly requires innovation and breakthrough. It is a field of continuous growth and expansion, and one of the most exciting and challenging fields in engineering.