Military Service

This university provides aids to all students and faculty members regarding their individual military duty in “Military Reserve Division” and Student Affairs Team, including military counseling, recruitment guide, enlistment (postponement), technical research personnel, reserve force training, civil defense, military guide etc.
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Technical Research Personnel

  • Applicants
    • Those with above Master’s degree (including those who completed integrated Doctor’s degree) working in government designated research institutions

    • Those with public service worker candidate reservist duty and Bachelor’s degree in natural science, working in government designated small and medium sized business-affiliated research institutions.

    • Those pursuing Doctor’s degree in natural science graduate schools among government designated research institutions (including those pursuing integrated Doctor’s degree who finished their term of study for Master’s degree)

    • Those who are capable of finishing their military duty before the age of 35

  • Duty period

    3 years (after completing all coursework for Doctor’s degree, military duty begins as one is appointed as the department research personnel)

  • End of service

    When one’s military duty period is terminated, his military service is completed