KAIST Emerging Materials e-Symposium


4th KAIST Emerging Materials Symposium / November. 15 (Wed), 2023

Since 2016, our all efforts are believed to have made a substantial contribution to raising the global external recognition of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

This year, we will hold the 4th KAIST EMS event in a hybrid format (online and on-site) on November 15th, starting at 9 AM, at the Jung-Geun-Mo Hall on the 5th floor of the library.

The event will feature editors from top journals, including Chemical Reviews EIC, SmatMat, Account of Materials Research, ACS Nano, EcoMat, Science Advances, and ACS Sensors (Professor Hee-Tae Jung). It will also include young professors from our department, such as Professors Woo-Chul Jung, Dong-Hwa Seo, Himchan Cho, and Ki-Bum Kang.

Special lectures from KAIST startup companies are also part of the program. This full-day event will be especially beneficial for graduate students and will provide meaningful interactions between department professors and the editors.

Please refer to the program book for detailed presentation information. We appreciate active participation from those who are interested.



 Prof. Il-Doo Kim                                                                           Chairman of the Organizing Committee

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 KAIST Chair Professor                                                                 Associate Editor, ACS Nano

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