Date 2018-11-27 

MSE Regular Seminar

■ Title :  Nanoengineering of Functional Nanomaterials


■ Speaker :  Prof. Seong-Jun Jeong (Soongsil Univ.)  


■ Date and Time :  11/27 (Tue) 16:00

■ Venue :  Applied Engineering Building (W1) 1st floor, Multimedia Lecture Room


 Host :  Prof. Sang-Ouk Kim  


 Abstract : 

In this talk, I will introduce the recent progress in the development of the directed self-assembly (DSA) process for practical utilization in semiconductor applications [1]. Furthermore, I will present a novel method for fabrication large-area field effect transistors (FETs) based on densely packed multi-channel graphene nanoribbon (GNR) arrays using advanced DSA nanolithography. The design of our strategy focused on efficient integration of the FET channel and fab-compatible processes such as thermal annealing and chemical vapor deposition [2]. Finally, I’ll introduce a reliable and robust gate dielectric material with tunable dielectric constants based on a mesostructured HfxAlyO2 film. The ultrathin mesostructured HfxAlyO2 film is deposited on graphene via a physisorbed-precursor-assisted atomic layer deposition process and consists of an intermediate state with small crystallized parts in an amorphous matrix. Crystal phased engineering using Al dopant is employed to achieve HfO2 phase transitions, which produce the crystallized part of the mesostructured HfxAlyO2 film. The effects of various Al doping concentrations are examined, and an enhanced dielectric constant of ~25 is obtained [3].


[1] Jeong et al. Materials Today 16(12), 468–476, 2014

[2] Jeong et al. Nano Letters 16 (9), pp 5378–5385, 2016

[3] Jeong et al. ACS Nano 10 (7), pp 6659–6666, 2016