5월 7일 (화) 개최되는 신소재공학과 정기세미나를 아래와 같이 안내해드립니다.

= 아 래 =

1. 일 시 : 2013. 5. 7 (화), 16:00 ~
2. 장 소 : 응용공학동 1층 영상강의실
3. 연 사 : 이진우 교수 (포항공대 화학공학과)
4. 제 목 : Functional Nanoporous Materials for Energy Conversion and Storages
5. 발표내용요약(Abstract)

  Ordered mesoporous materials have attracted much attention owing to their application to catalyst supports, hosts for biomolcules, and sensors. The first synthesis of ordered mesoporous material stimulated research on the self-assembly of block copolymers with inorganic materials. Herein, we present functional ordered mesoporous materials synthesized by the self-assembly of block copolymers with inorganic materials or by hard template method. Highly crystalline mesoporous transition metal oxides were fabricated through ‘one-pot’ assembly method employing PI-b-PEO block copolymers. We developed intermetallic nanoparticle lo aded highly ordered mesoporous carbon and transition metal oxides by the assembly of PI-b-PEO block copolymer. Various ordered mesoporous carbon materials have been used as high performance counter electrodes for dye and quantum dot sensitized solar cells. Thermally stable and highly crystalline mesoporous tin-based oxides have been synthesized and employed as high performance photoanode in dye-sensitized solar cells. We have also developed novel mesoporous metal oxides and metal oxide/carbon composites for Li ion batteries and supercapcitors. I will also discuss the fabrication of high performance mesoporous fuel cell electrode.