Date 2020-11-30 
Time 15:00 
Title Recent advances in bioinspired artificial eyes 

■ 제 목:  Recent advances in bioinspired artificial eyes


 연 사:  송영민 교수 (광주과학기술원 전기전자컴퓨터공학부)            


■  일 시:  2020년 11월 30(월) 오후 3시


■ Host : 박상희 교수    


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 Abstract : 

 The diverse vision systems found in nature can provide interesting design inspiration for imaging devices, ranging from optical subcomponents to digital cameras and visual prostheses, with more desirable optical characteristics compared to conventional imagers. The advantages of natural vision systems include high visual acuity,wide field of view, wavelength-free imaging, improved aberration correction and depth of field, and high motion sensitivity. Recent advances in soft materials, ultrathin electronics, and deformable optoelectronics have facilitated the realization of novelprocesses and device designs that mimic biological vision systems. This presentationhighlights recent progress and continued efforts in the research and development of bioinspired artificial eyes. At first, the configuration of two representative eyes found innature: a single-chambered eye and a compound eye, is explained. Then, advances in bioinspired image sensors are discussed in terms of materials, optical/mechanical designs, and integration schemes.