Date 2018-09-18 

MSE Regular Seminar

■ Title :  Optoelectronics based on quantum-dots and oxide semiconductors


■ Speaker :  Prof. Seong Jun Kang (Kyung Hee Univ.)  


■ Date and Time :  9/18 (Tue) 16:00


■ Venue :  Applied Engineering Building (W1) 1st Floor Multimedia Seminar Room


 Host :  Prof. Keon Jae Lee  


 Abstract : This talk will focus to introduce a new type of optoelectronics based on nanomaterials, such as quantum-dots and metal nanoparticles. These kinds of optoelectronics are considered as an emerging science and technology due to the potential applications including transparent and soft interactive devices. During the presentation, the interfacial physics of quantum-dots light emitting diodes(QLEDs) will be considered as well as the fabrication process of red, greed, and blue QLEDs. In addition, a method to fabricated transparent photosensors, which can be perfectly turned on and off by a visible light, based on quantum-dots and metal nanoparticles will be discussed in detail. The measurements and analysis of interfacial electronic structure of optoelectronics based on quantum-dots will be introduced in detail as well.