Date 2023-08-01 
Time 11:00 
Title Nature-Inspired Surface Engineering 
Nature-Inspired Surface Engineering
• 연사(Speaker) : Prof. Chang-Hwan Choi (Stevens Institute of Technology)
• 일시(Date/Time) : 2023. 8. 1 (Tue), 11a.m.  
• 장소(Venue)  : #2427, W1-1 Bd. 1F              
• Organizer : Prof. Yeon Sik Jung
• Abstract : Nature, such as plants, insects, and marine animals, uses micro/nano-textured surfaces in their components (e.g., leaves, wings, eyes, legs, and skins) for multiple purposes, such as water-repellency, anti-adhesiveness, and self-cleanness. Such multifunctional surface properties are attributed to three-dimensional surface structures with modulated surface wettability. For example, hydrophobic surface structures create a composite interface with liquid by retaining gas (e.g., air) between the structures, minimizing the contact area with liquid. Such non-wetting surface property, so-called superhydrophobicity, can offer numerous application potentials, such as hydrodynamic drag reduction, anti-biofouling, anti-corrosion, and anti-icing. Another example is liquid-infused surfaces (LIS), where water-immiscible lubricating liquid (e.g., oil) is infused into hydrophobic surface structures to provide similar effects. While both approaches have their pros and cons, the depletion of the lubricating fluids in both gas and liquid phases is a practical issue for real applications. Over the last couple of decades, we have witnessed significant advancement in the understanding and development of such surfaces with improved robustness and durability for real applications. In this talk, the designs, fabrications, and applications of such surfaces for the multifunctionalities will be presented.