Date 2021-07-19 
Time 16:00 
Title Material Innovations for next generation electronics 

       : Material Innovations for next generation electronics

       : Prof. Jeehwan Kim/MIT

       : 2021 719()  오후 4  

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 Abstract :  

The current electronics industry has been completely dominated by Si-based devices due to its exceptionally low materials cost. However, demand for non-Si electronics is becoming substantially high because current/next generation electronics requires novel functionalities that can never be achieved by Si-based materials. Unfortunately, the extremely high cost of non-Si semiconductor materials and scalability issues prohibit the progress in this field. Thus, innovations in materials science is increasingly important to move forward. In today’s talk, I will discuss how we innovate for next generation electronics based on basic textbooks in materials science and emphasize importance of “simple” and fundamental knowledge. I will introduce my group’s innovations as examples including uniform operation of neuromorphic computing arrays, world largest 2D heterostructures, world first 3D heterostructures of oxide membranes, and highest doping level achieved in germanium