Recently, collaborative research team led by Prof. Kim and Prof. Jeon from KAIST, and Prof. Park from Kyonggi Univ. has made excellent achievement in improving Li-O2 battery’s performance by developing advanced nanocomposite catalyst. New hybrid catalyst fixed up several major issues associated with ORR and OER happened at oxygen electrode. The hybrid catalyst features desirable morphology with high aspect ratio 1-D Co3O4 nanofibers attached to 2-D non-oxidized graphene nanoflakes. By taking great synergistic effect arisen from cobalt oxide and graphene combining, the Li-O2 battery delivered as high as 1000 mAh/g capacitance and could last more than 80 cycles consecutively. This is the best Lab-Scale result ever reported up to now. The team believes the strategy will open up new path to develop new and advanced catalysts for Li-O2 battery.