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Oxford Instruments 석박사/경력 채용 공고

n 회사 소개

Oxford Instruments is a United Kingdom manufacturing and research company that designs and manufactures tools and systems for industry and research. The products are tools for quality control, elemental analysis, metals identification, coasting thickness measurement, rock core analysis.

n 모집 부문

Application Scientist

- Support the direct sales team and distributors by conducting customer demonstrations of the EDS, WDS, EBSD and OP products, providing technical expertise, sales support, training and customer sample analysis

- Identify and develop influential relationships with significant current and potential customers in order to fully understand their needs, using this to facilitate both increased sales of current products and contribute to development of future products

- Support the achievement of budgeted sales (value and volume), product mix; and to develop relationships by supporting distributors and customers in order to facilitate increased sales.

n 지원 자격

화학, 재료공학 관련 전공 박사 학위 소지자 (신입, 경력 지원 가능)

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