신임 교원 강지형 박사 부임 file
Professor Il-Doo Kim Named Scientist of the Year by the Journalists file
이시우 박사(지도교수 김도경) Presidential Earlty Career Award Scientists and Engineer 수상자로 선정 file
김일두 교수, 올해의 과학자상 수상 file
New Members of KAST 2020 file
Professor Byong-Guk Park Named Scientist of October file
6 Subjects of KAIST Ranked in the Top 20 in the World file
Faculty Opening file
236 Dr. Jae-Byum Chang joins the department file
235 2018 KAIST MSE Workshop file
234 2018 Joint Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering for the 21st Century file
233 KAIST MSE – Northwestern MSE Joint Workshop 2018 file
232 이혁모 교수, 제7회 LS학술상 수상 file
231 Professor Hyuck Mo Lee, the 7th LS Academy Award file
230 Laboratory staffs meeting file
229 Foreign Students Meeting file
228 Professor WooChul Jung, received the Songam Distinguished Research Award file
227 실험실 직원 간담회 file
226 외국인 학생 간담회 file
225 정우철 교수, 2018년도 송암(松岩) 미래 석학 우수 연구상 수상 file
224 Professor Il-Doo Kim, the 20th Recipient of the Song-gok Science and Technology Award file
223 김일두 교수, 제20회 송곡과학기술상 수상 file
222 Dr. Ki Bum Kang joins the department file
221 신임 교원 강기범 박사 부임 file
220 박병국 교수, 대한민국 100대 기술 이끌 주역에 선정 (KAIST 교수 8인 선정)
219 Dr. Kyung Min Kim joins the department file
218 신임교원 김경민 박사 부임 file
217 YOSAKOI Summer School file