Date 2016-08-02 

□ Topic : Big Ideas in Emerging Materials

□ Speaker :

1. 해리 애트워터 (Harry A. Atwater) -Caltech 응용물리 및 재료학과 교수 -ACS Photonics 편집장

2. 알리 자베이 (Ali Javey) -UC Berkeley 전자공학 및 컴퓨터 과학과 교수 -ACS Nano 부편집장

3. 질리안 뷰리악 (Jillian M. Buriak) -Alberta 대학 화학과 교수 -Chemistry of Materials 편집장

4. 줄리아 그리어 (Julia R. Greer) -Caltech 재료공학 및 기계공학 교수 -Nano Letters 부편집장

6. 현택환 (Taeghwan Hyeon) -서울대학교 화학생물공학부 교수 -Journal of the American Chemical Society 부편집장, IBS Director

7. 유룡 (Ryong Ryoo) -KAIST 화학과 교수 -대한민국 국가 과학자, IBS Director

8. 레지날드 페너 (Reginald M. Pener) -UC Irvine 화학과 교수 -ACS Nano 부편집장

9. 유난 시아 (Younan Xia) -Georgia 공대 화학 & 바이오화학과 교수 -Nano Letters 부편집장

10. 동 킨 (Dong Qin) -Georgia 공대 재료공학과 교수


□ Date : 2016. 8. 2(Tue) 09:00 ~ 17:40

□ Venue : KI B/D(E4)  Fusion Hall (First Floor) 

□ Host : Prof. Kim, Il-Doo

□ Abstract :


It is a great pleasure to welcome you at the KAIST International Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Workshop (Big Ideas in Emerging Materials), held on August 2nd, 2016 in KAIST campus. The KAIST International MSE Workshop is intended to provide an interesting forum for students, scientists and engineers to share latest breakthroughs and big achievements in materials development, physical/chemical characterization with unique properties and functionality.

Very interesting presentations will be given by 10 distinguished keynote speakers who serve as the editors of ACS Nano, Nano Letters, The Journal of American Chemical Society, ACS Photonics, and Chemistry of Materials.

The goal of KAIST International MSE workshop is to identify the key issues related to big ideas in materials science, applied physics, and chemistry including following topics, 1) ) 3D Nanostructures for Photonic & Energy Applications, 2) Nanoscale Engineering for Medical and  Industrial Applications, and 3) Materials Innovation for Sensor and Catalyst Applications.

We invite you to join us at the KAIST International MSE Workshop 2016, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience.

KAIST welcomes all the participants for a memorable workshop.

Thank you for participating!

Prof. Il-Doo Kim

Chairman of the Organizing Committee