Date 2015-06-26 

Topic : Design Strategy of Nanomaterials for Device Innovation: Synthesis, Process, and Device

Speaker : Prof. Jae Young Choi (School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering, Sungkyunkwan Univ.)


Date :  June 26 (Fri),  16:00
Venue : Education 3.0 Classroom (W1-1, Room No. 2427)


■ Abstract : Materials are basic elements to compose device structure. In order to overcome the performance limit of current devices, many researchers have developed various new types of nanomatrials because they give superior physical, chemical, mechanical properties and also quantum physics. In this talk, the synthesis of low dimensional nanomaterials: zero (quantum dot, nano dot), one (nano wire, carbon nanotube), and two dimensional (D) materials (graphene, boron nitride) will be discussed. And the process including the dispersion and array process where the nanomaterials are integrated into the device will be also introduced. These nanomaterials are very important nowadays because some nanomatrials such as quantum dot (zero D) and Ag nanowire (one D) have been seriously developed and will be commercialized to produce quantum dot filter of QD TV and transparent electrode of flexible display in this or next year. In otherwise, there are many hurdles and limits for their commercialization in 2 D nanomaterials including graphene and boron nitride. Therefore practical limits of current 2D materials and also the strategy of new 2D candidate materials will be discussed.