Date 2023-09-26 
Time 16:00 
Title Nanoscale functional materials imaging by scanning probe microscopy 

학과 정기 세미나 안내

■ 제 목 Nanoscale functional materials imaging by scanning probe microscopy


 연 사:  허 윤 교수 (인하대학교 물리학과)                   


■  일 시:  2023년 9월 26(화) 오후 4시 


■  장 소:  응용공학동 1층 영상강의실 


■ Host :  홍승범 교수 


■ Abstract :  

Functional materials have received considerable attention due to their inherent structure-related properties which can be developed or tailored to possess functions of their own, for example ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, magnetism, superconductivity, and catalysis. Because these can be exploited as key functionalities for technological applications, numerous studies have focused on basic science to understand and tailor their associated structure-property relationships. Complex oxides, belonging to the functional material class, are one of main foci of condensed matter physics research due to the plethora of emergent phenomena that can be underpinned by electronic structures from the strongly correlated materials. Inversion symmetry breaking and the complex interplay between charge, spin, orbital, and lattice degrees of freedom that typically characterize complex oxides, create new electronic and magnetic phases at interfaces, where different forms of order compete, giving rise to emergence of intriguing phenomena.


For this, nanoscale characterization via scanning probe microscopy (SPM) has played a crucial role to probe and characterize materials, spatially correlate local responses, and manipulate and write features directly, offering fundamental insights to develop novel functionalities and nanodevice concepts. In this seminar, I will talk about SPM-based studies to show nanoscale structures and properties associated with phase transitions, electronic and ionic conduction, and piezoelectricity under illumination [1-5]. These results unveil fundamentals of structure-related functionalities of complex oxides for their potential implementation in next generation nanoelectronics.

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[2] Heo, et al., ACS Nano11, 2805 (2017)

[3] Heo, et al., Applied Physics Letters, 113, 221904 (2018)

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