1. 관련

     o 학칙 제55조(재입학)
     o 입학등록 및 수강신청 절차에 관한지침 제5조 2항(재입학 절차) 
2. 각 과정 자퇴 및 제적 학생에 대한 2014학년도 봄학기 재입학 지원신청 절차를 아래와 같이 안내합니다.
                                                                  = 아          래 =
           가. 재입학 대상 : 학사 및 석·박사과정 학생중 자퇴, 제적자
           나. 재입학원 제출기한 :
              - 학생 제출기간 : 2014.1. 3(금)까지 학과/전공 사무실에 제출
              - 학과/전공 심사기간 : 2014.1.6(월) - 1.10(금)
              - 학과/전공 심사결과 학적팀 제출 : 2014.1.17(금)까지 
           다. 재입학 신청 자격
              - 자퇴 또는 제적일로부터 3년이 경과되지 않은 자. 단,재학년한 만료로 인해 제적된 자는 제외함.
               ※ 재입학 지원가능기간(3년이내)내에는 군복무기간 및 장기간 요양을 필요로 하는 질병치료기간은 산입하지 않음.

                    (관련 증빙자료 첨부)
              - 재입학은 자퇴 또는 제적일이 속하는 학기를 포함하여 2학기가 경과 되어야함.

          바. 재입학지원서류             

              1) 재입학원 1부 (소정양식)
              2) 면학계획서 1부 (소정양식)
              3) 지도(예정)교수 의견서 1부 (소정양식)
              4) 재입학심의 추선서 1부 (소정양식)
              5) 성적표 1부
              6) 학칙 제55조 5항에 의한 군복무 또는 질병치료를 증명할수 있는 서류(해당자)                              
첨     부 :   1. 재입학지원 안내문(국영문)
              2. 재입학원 1부.
              3. 향후 면학계획서 1부
              4. 지도(예정)교수 의견서 1부
              5. 재입학심의 추천서 1부. 끝.
1. Reference:

    o Article 55 (Readmission) of Academic Regulations
    o Article 5-2 (Readmission Procedure) of Guidelines on Admission and Course Enrollment
2. Refer to the instructions below on application for readmission in spring 2014 for dropouts and expelled students.
3. Readmission documents must be evaluated by the department and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs (Academic Registrar's Team) by Friday, Jan. 17, 2014.
                                                                           = Details =
           A. Applicability: Dropouts and expelled students of undergraduate or MS/PhD programs
           B. Deadlines:
              - Student Submission : Submit to the department office by Friday, Jan. 3, 2014 
              - Department/Division Review : Monday, Jan. 6 - Friday, Jan. 10,  2014
              - Submission of Department/Division Review to Academic Registrar's Team : Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 
           C. Conditions for Readmission
               - No more than 3 years from the date of dropout or expulsion.

                 Not including students expelled due to expiration of the academic program time limit. 
                  ※The suspension peirod (3 years) does not include time taken for military service or medical treatment. (Attach supporting documents)
               - Readmission is possible after 2 semesters including the semester of dropping out or expulsion. 
           D. Readmission Application and Review Process  

                Application for Readmission → Department Review → Review by Dean of  Student Affairs (undergraduate program)  →

                Review by Academic Affairs/Research Review Committee  → Approval by Provost

           E. Recommendation for Readmission by Department/Division
               A three-member review committee consisting of the advisor, department/ division head,

               and department/division professor or a department/division-related committee will evaluate the candidate on academic capacity,

               remaining number of  semesters, and possibility of graduation based on the advisor's opinion on readmision and future study plan.

               For undergraduate students, the Dean of Student Affairs will interview the recommended candidate

               and results will be announced through the Academic Affairs/Research Review Committee.
              ※ Students who did not belong to any department at the time of dropping our or expulsion must be reviewed by a department of choice.

           F. Required Documents for Readmission
               1) Application for Readmission (prescribed form)
               2) Future Study Plan (prescribed form)
               3) Opinion of Advisor on Readmission (prescribed form)
               4) Recommendation for Readmission (prescribed form)
               5) Academic Transcript
               6) Proof of military service or medical condition as outlined in Article 55-5 of Academic Regulations (if applicable)
          G. Others
               - Previously earned credits will be automatically recognized without any separate procedure.
               - Requirements for graduation will be unchanged from the date of initial admission. 
               - The number of enrolled semesters will be counted from the date of initial admission.
               - Students readmitted after expulsion will be expelled upon receiving an academic warning.
               - Students expelled for failing the qualifying exam must pass the exam within 1 year of readmission,

                 and will face expulsion if requirements are not met.

                 (This period may be extended up to 1 semester if the candidate takes a leave of absence.)