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HAND research goal is to develop 'Self-powered Flexible Electronic Systems'.

This technology could provide interesting opportunities for printable electronics such as flexible displays, artificial skins, self-powered system, and biomedical applications for human machine integration.


First, our laboratory is involved in self-powered sensor systems such as sensor and energy harvester for mobile and human friendly electronics.

Second, our research aim is to develop flexible semiconductor memory for neuromorphic computing. Third, we want to develop flexible inorganic micro LED (e.g. f-GaN or GaAs) for future display and biomedical applications.

Finally, our studies are also interested in laser material interaction such as excimer, solid state laser, and Flash lamp for the flexible applications.


- Self-powered Sensors & Flexible Energy Source

- Semicondutor Memory for Neuromorphic Computing

- Flexible Inorganic Micro LED for Display & Biomedical Applications

- Laser Material Interaction for Flexible Applications