Date 2022-06-07 
Time 16:00 
Title Biomimetic Self-Templating Materials and Application 

학과 정기 세미나 안내

■ 제 목:  Biomimetic Self-Templating Materials and Application


 연 사:  Prof. Seung-Wuk Lee (University of California, Berkeley)                   


■  일 시:  2022년 6월 7(화) 오후 4시 


 ■ Host :  염지현 교수 


■ 참가자 접속정보 (3:50분까지 참가를 부탁드립니다)        

               (pw: kaistmse1)
 Abstract :   

In my seminar, I will demonstrate a facile biomimetic process to create functional nanomaterials utilizing chiral colloidal particles (M13 phage). A single-step process produces long-range-ordered, supramolecular films showing multiple levels of hierarchical organization and helical twist. Using the self-templating materials assembly processes, we have created various biomimetic supramolecular structures. The resulting materials show distinctive optical and photonic properties similar to avian skin color matrices and butterfly wing nanostructures. Through the directed evolution of the M13 phages, I will also show how resulting materials can be utilized as functional nanomaterials for biomedical, biosensor and bioenergy applications.