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■ 제 목: Engineering Synergy: Gas and Molecular Transport in Hybrid Nanomaterials

■ 연 사: 조은선 교수(카이스트 생명화학공학과 조교수)


■ 일 시: 5월 16일 (화) 16:00


■ 장 소: 응용공학동 (W1) 1층 영상강의실


 내 용: A new class of hybrid material is driving a technological revolution in a variety of fields including energy generation, storage and conservation as well as separation and catalysis. Hybrid systems combine classical inorganic and organic building blocks to produce materials that exhibit new functional properties unachievable in a single material or conventional composites, touching many fundamental aspects of materials. Here, I will discuss the design and understanding of gas and molecular transport in hybrid nanomaterials. Transport of gas and molecules can be regulated depending on the design of materials, selectively tuned for targeted species. By maneuvering each constituent in nanoscale, the macroscopic transport property of hybrid materials can be dictated, leading to a desirable functionality. This talk will cover the recent work in hybrid nanomaterials for applications in hydrogen storage and gas barrier system.