■ 제 목:  Chiral valley-photon interaction in 2D semiconductor


 연 사:  공수현 교수 (고려대학교)  


■  일 시:  5월 14일(화) 16:00


■ 장 소:  응용공학동 (W1) 1층 영상강의실


 Host :  신종화 교수 


 Abstract :   

In the non-paraxial regime of light, spin and angular momentum cannot be separated but are coupled, the so-called spin-orbit interaction of light. One novel consequence of this spin-orbit interaction of light is spin-controlled directional coupling of light. Here, I present the valley dependent directional emission of transition metal dichalcogenides into plasmonic eigenstates of a silver nanowire. The highly confined mode of a plasmonic nanowire provides a high degree of local transverse optical spin, and its handedness is locked to the propagation direction of the mode. As a result, the emission from the two different valleys will couple to the plasmonic modes propagating in opposite directions. This result paves the way towards a new platform for exploiting a valley pseudospin in integrated valleytronics devices using nanophotonics structures.