Date 2019-05-21 

■ Title: Materials Science of Goryeo Celadon and White Porcelain of Joseon Period


 Speaker:  Emritus Prof. Joong Keun Park (Dept. of MSE, KAIST)


■ Data and time:  5/21(Tue) 16:00


■ Venue:  Applied Engineering Building (W1) 1st Floor, Multimedia Lecture Room

 Abstract :   

In this lecture, we first explain the formation process of ceramics, feldspar, clay minerals, and the excellent plasticity characteristics of clay. Second, we analyze the particle bonding process that occurs during the ceramics manufacturing process, especially the firing process. In other words, the dehydration and pyrolysis process of clay, the sintering process of clay particles, the effect of melting and vitreous formation of feldspar, and the mechanism of mullite formation are analyzed. Third, the effect of oxidation and reduction fission, the cause of celadon-coloration and the principle of white-solidification are analyzed. Finally, we interpret the secret of celadon ash-glaze and white CaCO3-glaze.