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Report for visiting to ‘Hyundai steel’ and ‘Hamsang park’of Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Written by Seong-Hyun, Jeong

SK Hynix in 2015, LG Display in 2016, and finally Hyundai Steel in Dangjin were selected as a company visit to the Advanced
Materials Engineering Department on October 27, 2017. Hyundai Steel is the first steel company in Korea, attracting a lot of
interest from new material engineering students who deal with a lot of metal. Like last year, this year, we went to the
company with the support of the students who wanted to visit the company. The total number of students is 25, including 24
students of our department, and 1 student of other departments.

In fact, before visiting the company, many students (73.7%) were not interested in the company. However, after the company
visit, a majority (57.9%) of images of Hyundai Steel improved. At Hyundai Steel’s plant, we saw processes such as blast
furnaces, electric furnaces, and special steels. This attracted the attention of students with a great deal of interest in metal
and was able to get a good response (78.9%) as shown in the survey below. Since the location of the factory is Dangjin, we
went to the Dangjin Hamsang park, a famous spot in Dangjin, where we had time to refresh our mind and body, and recharge
the energy. However, there was not enough to experience because of rainy weather, and 78.9% of students responded that
they had not plenty of time. 63.2% of the respondents said that they were relieved from stress by moving to distant streets
and being tired of traveling around the company. In addition, during the company survey, we asked for planning such as
mock interview, so we will consult with the company about this.

Below are survey data from students who went to company visits.
(19 participants)