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10 days in kochi university, the most happiest 10 days in my life was there. Programs were so funny and helpful to me. We went to Tsunami evacuation center, giken, gochi castle… all the programs and places were good. My best memorable day is fifth day and eight day. At fifth day, we were in hotel(sukumo resort yasu no yu). At there, we play games. We played team games there, most of which were fun despite that there were language barriers everywhere. Once the games were finished, we went to a park to light up firework. The fireworks were great. It was nice to be in close to the other people to transfer the fire from one person to the next. They weren't as magnificent as the ones in Everland, but they were the fruits of all 40 of our efforts put together. Such small fireworks came as meaningful to me. At eighth day, we plays YOSAKOI dance festival. Our team, sightseeing peoples, loud music make me flutter. At the last dance, My hearts beat faster. It was unforgettable experience. Kazushi asked what would be the one word to describe my 10 days there. I said 'Subarashii'. But now that I think about it, I think 'Yume (dream)' was a better fit. A long dream. It felt like I was dreaming. The worderful feeling during the dream, and the bittersweet feeling after the dream were all similar with this trip. Thank all the people for giving me such a good experiences. Kochi summer school will remain in my memory forever.

Material Science and Engineering 2nd grade, Lee Jae Won