Date 2021-11-02 
Time 16:00 
Title Moiré materials : Superconductivity, Correlations, and beyond 

■ 제 목:  Moiré materials : Superconductivity, Correlations, and beyond


 연 사:  최영준 박사 (Caltech)           


■ 일 시:  2021년 11월 2(화) 오후 4시 


■ Host :  김경민 교수 


■ 참가자 접속정보 (3:50분까지 참가를 부탁드립니다)   

      접속 링크: 

      ID: 808 075 7553

      비밀번호: 2021mse


 Abstract :  

The moiré material family has recently emerged as a platform for studying variety of correlated phases, such as superconductivity, insulator, and magnetism.  We used scanning tunneling microscopy and electronic transport measurements to study magic angle twisted bilayer and trilayer graphene.  Strong electronic correlations significantly modify the band structure upon doping, facilitation flavor polarization and topological insulating phases.  We identified superconducting gaps, showing unconventional nature of superconductivity in these materials.  Finally, I will discuss possible applications of the moire materials on creating quantum devices.