Date 2022-03-15 
Time 16:00 
Title High-resolution 3D printing of liquid metals for wearable electronics 

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■ 제 목High-resolution 3D printing of liquid metals for wearable electronics


 연 사:  박장웅 교수 (연세대학교 신소재공학과)                 


■  일 시:  2022년 3월 15(화) 오후 4시 


 ■ Host :  배병수 교수 


■ 참가자 접속정보 (3:50분까지 참가를 부탁드립니다)        

               (pw: kaistmse1)
 Abstract :   

Recent progress in optoelectronic devices for wearable electronics, bioelectronics, and soft robotics demands their outstanding physical deformability for versatile systems in daily life. However, the reliability of devices is often severely restricted by concomitant failure, especially when excessive strains are applied beyond mechanical withstanding limits. Therefore the formation of stretchable interconnects with both high conductivity and high resolution is essential for providing conventional electronic systems an extra degree of deformability with high device integrity. This talk presents a high-resolution, reconfigurable 3D printing using liquid metal alloys and its application for wearable electronic devices with stretchable integrations. A minimum line-width of 2 μm can be reliably formed using direct printing through a nozzle, and these printed patterns can be successively reconfigured into diverse free-standing 3D structures, while maintaining pristine resolutions. Furthermore, high-resolution printing of 3D coil antennas and interconnects with wearable biosensors and displays represent substantial progress toward next-generation electronics.