Date 2022-03-04 
Time 10:00 
Title Driving innovation with fundamental research in academia: materials science and engineering 
■ Title :   Driving innovation with fundamental research in academia: materials science and engineering

■ Speaker :  Dr. 강동민 (Postdoc, Stanford University)

■ Date  :  2022.3.4(금) 오전 10시
              (pw: kaistmse1)

■ H o s t  : 강지형  교수

■ Abstract :
Academic research is often viewed with the dichotomy of basic science vs. practical applications. A common line of thinking is that to maximize practical impact, one needs to have practical research goals. This view is partly responsible for the tendency to associate or identify "impact" with practical relevancy. In this talk, I would like to challenge this conventional wisdom and demonstrate that fundamental research could be a more effective driver for innovation: it allows one to expand the parameter space into directions that would be inaccessible without a good fundamental understanding.

  As a first example, I would like to share my experience investigating fundamental charge transport mechanisms in various classes of semiconductors. It will be shown how endeavors seemingly removed from applications have enabled breakthroughs in device engineering. As another example, I will present my recent efforts on understanding the kinetic processes in electrochemical energy storage materials, leading to the prospects of expanding accessible capacity in battery electrodes.