Date 2022-03-02 
Time 11:00 
Title Toward sustainable Li-ion batteries 
■ Title : Toward sustainable Li-ion batteries 

■ Speaker :  Prof. Jinhyuk Lee (Materials Engineering, McGill University)

■ Date  :  2022.3.2(수) 오전 11시
              (pw: kaistmse1)

■ H o s t  : 강지형  교수

■ Abstract :
With an ever-increasing demand for electrical energy storage for electric vehicles and large-scale renewable-energy storage, high-performance and low-cost Li-ion batteries (LIBs) have been intensively sought after in the past decades. However, such LIB development has been impeded by the absence of cheap and high-energy electrode materials, especially cathode materials. This cathode issue mainly originates from the fact that conventional cathodes (e.g., LiCoO2, LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2) contain a large amount of expensive and heavy transition metals, particularly cobalt (Co), to stabilize their structure. In this talk, by discussing the opportunities of new classes of (Co-free) cathode materials (e.g., disordered rocksalts, partly (dis)ordered spinels) with high energy density and low cost, I will demonstrate how collaborative experimental and theoretical research can accelerate the development of advanced battery materials. Furthermore, I will briefly share my outlooks on future battery R&D, such as accelerated composition mining, materials processing, and electrode/cell-level engineering of sustainable Li batteries.