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■ 제 목:  Memristor enables future semiconductor technology

■ 연 사:  김경민 교수 (KAIST, 신소재공학과)  


■  일 시:  8월 28일(화) 16:00


■ 장 소:  응용공학동 (W1) 1층 영상강의실


 Abstract : 

Semiconductor industry of Korea is experiencing an exceptionally favorable market condition in these days. One of the semiconductor companies’ profit rate exceeded 50 %, which is unreasonably high in the manufacturingindustry. Nevertheless, they are worried about their future because of the uncertainty in the future of semiconductor technology. There is no more technology development possible – the famous Moore’s law had ended already, and China is pouring the government money into semiconductor technology to chase us. It is obvious that the semiconductor booming cannot be forever and therefore we need something new to breakthrough the situation. A memristor, the fourth circuit element, can enable it. In this talk, everything about memristor will be presented from what it is to what it can do.