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■ 제목 : Recent Progresses on Atomic/Molecular Layer Deposition: Functional oxide and organic thin film applications

■ 연사 : 박진성 교수 (한양대 신소재공학부)


■ 초청자 : 박상희 교수

■ 일시 : 5 17 () 16:00 

■ 장소 : 응용공학동 (W1) 1층 영상강의실


■ 초록Nowadays, atomic layer deposition (ALD) has been a conventional deposition technique since it first invented in1974. After 1990s, the micro/nano electronics may provide ALD evolutions because ALD has unique properties such as conformal, uniform, accurate, and pinhole-free films. Recently, functional oxide and organic thin films, deposited by ALD/MLD (Molecular Layer Deposition) have been demonstrated in emerging applications (flexible, transparent, and wearable things). In this talk, I will talk the brief ALD and MLD concept, including birth, revival, and future. Then, I will show some emerging applications such as transparent conducting oxide, oxide semiconductor, and gas diffusion barriers, in terms of inorganic and organic thin films. This talk will be helpful and valuable for audience to understand ALD and MLD basics and applications.