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■ 제목The Second Korean War in the Display Industry (Story of the Display Industry with China Entry)

■ 연사 : 신성태 교수 (고려대학교 세종캠퍼스 디스플레이•반도체물리학과)


■ 초청자 : 박상희 교수

■ 일시 : 9 27 () 16:00 

■ 장소 : 응용공학동 (W1) 1층 영상강의실


■ 내용


The talk is discussed about technology strategy in the display industry. It is reviewed the display industry how we made and is making the growth in past and present, respectively, and how we will make the continuous growth in the display industry. Current Status of Flat Panel Display will be also mentioned for the future direction of display industry, which were “Paradigm Shift of LCD Industry” and “Mobile Display Era”.  And, I will discuss the selection in technology strategy between IPS and PVA which are currently key technologies for all applications. In this talk, as main topic, I would like to discuss in details, Strategy of Mobile Display: LCD or OLED, and OLED-TV can replace QD-TV as currently hot issues in the TV application. The above topics will be discussed with comparison of the Korean War in 1950 as the Second Korean War about the display industry.

Finally, I would like to suggest that what is the challenge and our homework with keeping the current global market share from China Entry in the second Korean war