Date 2018-04-24 

MSE Regular Seminar

■ Title :  Dream comes true!

             Challenge is the key opening the door to success.

■ Speaker :  Kyeong Ho Chang (CEO, Innox Advanced Materials)


■ Date and Time :  4/24 (Tue) 16:00


■ Venue :  Applied Engineering Department (W1-1) Multimedia Lecture Hall (1st Floor)


 Host :  Prof. Hyuck-Mo Lee 


 Abstract :  


1) In this seminar, I will share my experience of growing up from the adversity in childhood to the entrance to KAIST, overcoming many crises after starting a business, and growing the 'Innox Advanced Materials' as a strong mid-size company.


2) I will introduce two videos of Innox Advanced Materials' manufacturing process, and company interview.


3) Introduction to business philosophy, vision, and the Q&A session.