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Topic : My Life as a Chemist: Lessons learned over the past 60 years, 1955-2015  

Speaker : Prof. Hyuk Yu (Department of Chemistry, Wisconsin University)                      

Date : 2016 4 13() 16:00 ~ 

Venue 창의학습관 101

Host : 김상욱 교수 (Prof. Sang Ouk Kim)


Abstract : The world has changed. Chemistry as an academic discipline too has transformed greatly over the past 60 years. It is a most exciting time today for the profession of chemistry & related fields. This is to share with the young scientists and engineers some valuable lessons I have learned in the process of engaging in and thriving with the profession. The talk consists of a brief review of my career, and the perspectives acquired through the professorial life of 40 years at Wisconsin. It will include with my personal view of where Korea stands in science and technology from a world-wide perspective. Finally, I will offer an advice for how to confront the commonly perceived uncertain future for the young scientists of 21st century.