Date 2016-01-06 

[ Seminar ]

 Topic : Unconventional Approaches for Fabrications of Electronic Devices and Sensors

Speaker : Prof. Jang-Ung, Park (UNIST)

▶ Date : 2016. 1. 6 (Wed) , 2PM

Venue : MSE (W1) Lecture Room 1317 (1F)

Host : Prof. Il-Doo, Kim


Meticulous and efficient tools for the surface patterning of materials in high-resolution features are one of the major requirements in electronics and biotechnology to meet with the contemporary challenges of industry and academics.

Thermal or piezoelectric inkjet printing methods working in a non-contact solution printing mode are attractive due to their compatibility with various materials and substrates. 

In this talk, an electrohydrodynamic jet printing method with direct, sub-micron patterning resolution is described. Our method utilizes ultrafine nozzles and optimized voltage sequences in tandem to enable printing of various material inks including biomaterials (DNA, protein), suspensions of single walled carbon nanotubes / nanoparticles, and solutions of conducting / insulating polymers. Potential of this method in electronics applications is exemplified through the printing fabrication of transistors that use aligned arrays of single walled carbon nanotubes. Furthermore, DNA aptamer-based biosensors and DNA-programmed nanoparticle assembly that use spotted arrays of DNA were also achieved through this method, which proves its scope in biotechnology applications.