Date 2015-04-20 

Topic : Versatile and Scalable Approaches to Chemical Processing of Nanocarbons

Speaker : Prof. Milo Shaffer (Dept. of Chemistry, Imperial College London, The London Centre for Nanotechnology)


Date : April 20 (Mon), 11:00

Venue : KAIST Applied Engineering B/D(W1), Multimedia Lecture Hall (1st Floor)


■ Short Biography
Milo Shaffer is Professor of Materials Chemistry at Imperial College London, and co-Director of the London Centre for Nanotechnology. He has extensive experience of carbon and inorganic nanomaterials synthesis, modification, characterization, and application, particularly for nanocomposite and hierarchical systems. Key applications are structural composites, electrochemical electrodes, and functional thin films. MS completed his PhD and a Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge, and has previously worked as a materials technology consultant in the areas of new technology development and exploitation, and has filed around twenty patents/applications, eight of which have been licensed commercially. He has published well over 100 peer-reviewed papers with a total of over 10,000 citations, h-Index 47. He was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Meldola medal in 2005, a prestigious EPSRC Leadership Fellowship in 2008, and RSC Corday-Morgan medal in 2014. He sits editorial boards of Chemical Physics Letters & International Materials Reviews, and has helped to organise a number of international nano-related meetings, including several of the Nanotube series, and a Faraday Discussion on Advanced Carbon.