Date 2015-06-03 

Topic : Delayed Fracture and Its Evaluation Method

Speaker : Prof. Nakasato (Changwon National Univ.)


Date :  June 3 (Wed),  16:00
Venue : Seminar Room 2 (W1-1, Room No. 2429)


■ Abstract : Delayed Fracture and Its Evaluation Method
The speaker, FN, worked for Sumitomo Metal Industries, Co.Ltd (SMI) for almost 43 years (April, 1975~August, 2012).  His duty covered R&D on long products, materials testing and evaluation, customer service to major Japanese automobile companies, and education of young engineers of SMI, its subsidiary companies, and its customers. Among many R&D areas he got involved in, delayed fracture has
been his life-long subject. This fracture is closely related to the performance of high -strength steel products used in various environments in the market.  Typical delayed fracture is a hydrogen-induced in-service failure is of high strength bolts. 
FN describes his R&D work to fight against this fracture.  He also introduce a new
criteria of delayed fracture susceptibility applicable to an actual high strength structural components.  Throughout his speech, FN will outline how he got involved in these R&D subjects, his successes and failures, the desirable R&D engineer's mindset, etc. He will also refer to the future outlook on the above subjects.