Date 2016-08-23 

▣ Special Seminar ▣

- Topic : Recent Advancement in graphene-Based Layer Transfer


- Date : 2016. 8. 23(Tue) 17:00~18:00

- Venue : KAIST Applied Engineering B/D(W1) #1317

- Host : Prof. Shin, Byungha

- Abstract : In this talk, I will introduce my groups research activity in nanoelectronics. First, I will discuss our recent development in a graphene-based layer-transfer process that could offer (1) reusability of the expensive substrate, (2) minimal substrate refurbishment step after the layer release, (3) fast release rate, and (4) precise control of a released interface. We have utilized epitaxial graphene as a universal seed layer to grow single-crystalline III-N, III-V, II-VI and IV semiconductor films as well as a release layer that allows precise and repeatable release at the graphene surface. I will discuss about our recent success in developing the pathway to obtain single-crystalline III-V on graphene.

We have applied this technique to epitaxially stack 2D materials. Monolayer-by-monolayer epitaxial growth of 2D materials is the only viable way to form oriented 2D heterostructures with a pristine coherent interface, which can never be achieved by a conventional mechanical stacking method. But the growth of continuous single-crystalline monolayer 2D material has been extremely challenging. By performing molecular beam epitaxy of 2D materials on our epitaxial graphene, we have achieved continuous monolayer single-crystalline MoSe2 at the wafer-scale which is a significant step towards monolayer-by-monolayer epitaxial stacking of 2D materials.