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제목: How to Combine Polymer Nanopatterns with Energy-Related Applications

연사: UNIST 박수진 교수

일시: 6월 24일 (수) 13:00 - 15:00

장소: W1-1, 2427호 강의실



Abstract: How to Combine Polymer Nanopatterns with Energy-Related Applications

Soojin Park
School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, UNIST, Ulsan, Korea

We describe that block copolymer templates can be used to make arrays of metal nanoparticles. Bimetallic nanostructures as well as metal nanoparticles induced the surface plasmon resonance in optoelectronic devices. Increased light absorption of polymer films with the incorporation of metallic nanostructures was demonstrated, resulting in higher efficiency compared to conventional devices. Moreover, metallic nanopatterns were used as catalyst to etch silicon by combining galvanic displacement and chemical etching process. Nanostructured silicon has been widely used as rechargeable battery anodes, due to its effective cost, abundance and high storage capacity. This process has several advantages for preparing nonporous and porous silicon nanowires at the mild etching condition. Also, we found that block copolymers are useful as sacrificial template for making nanostructured inorganic materials and as polymeric binder for high-performance lithium-ion battery applications.