Date 2019-03-12 

MSE Regular Seminar

■ Title:  Looking at the history/current status and predicting the future challenges of AI


■ Speaker:  Prof. Chang Dong Yoo (KAIST EE)  


■ Date and Time:  3/12 (Tue) 16:00


■ Venue:  Applied Engineering Building (W1) 1st Floor, Multimedia Lecture Room


 Host :  Prof. Keon Jae Lee  


 Abstract :  

The Fourth Industrial Revolution which refers to the fusion of technologies across the physical, digital and biological worlds is creating new capabilities and dramatic impact on political and social economic systems, and AI that is the driving force behind the revolution. But AI has witnessed two cold winters, and there are many skeptics who feel that all the hype surrounding AI will all end in dispair. This talk will look back at the history of AI and the current status of AI, and it will try to determine whether history will repeat itself. A number of research conducted at KAIST in particular AIM lab will be presented, and prediction of future challenges in AI will be discussed.