Date 2018-02-13 

■ Title : Characterization of Dynamic Properties using in situ TEM technique


■ Speaker : Sungkyu Kim (Department of Materials Science and Engineering and NUANCE Center)

■ Date and time : 13th of February, 2018 (Tue) 16:00


■ Venue :Applied Engineering Department (W1-1) Seminar room #2


■ Host  : Prof. Jong Min, Yuk


■ Abstract : As an advanced approach for analyzing the electrical, magnetic, chemical, and electrochemical properties of materials, many researchers have attempted to use a transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in real-time. The discovery of various in situ TEM methods allowed us to observe the chemical reaction that was occurred quickly, and we can conduct experiment under dynamic environments similar to the actual condition. In this study, various applications of in situ TEM technique will be discussed. For the electronic device applications, the chemically oxidized graphene was used as an active layer. The microstructural changes and electronic structure not only reveal the mechanism of the resistive switching but also enable the development of an improved device with the engineered structure. In addition, magnetic materials actively studied for in vivo studies can be dynamically observed. Recently, the direct observation of electrochemical reactions in the rechargeable batteries has attracted much attention because the phase transformation during the electrochemical cycle is directly related to stability. Furthermore, the next generation solid-state batteries require advanced research using state-of-the-art analytical techniques.