2014년 4월 29일 (화) 개최되는 특별 세미나를 아래와 같이 안내해드립니다.

= 아 래 =

1. 일 시 : 2014. 4. 29 (화), 16:00 ~
2. 장 소 : 응용공학동 1층 영상강의실
3. 연 사 : 박상희 교수 (KAIST 신소재공학과)
4. 제 목 : Oxide TFT for Plastic AMOLED
5. 발표내용요약(Abstract)

  Plastic Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitted-Diode (PAMOLED) displays have been attracting much attention due to their thinness, lightweight, robustness, and flexibility. However there are many issues in the manufacturing of PAMOLED such as plastic substrate, backplane, and thin-film encapsulation. Although low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) TFTs have been currently used for commercial curved mobile AMOLED displays, its complex and expensive process does not seem to be proper for large size PAMOLED. Instead PAMOLED based on oxide TFTs have been attracted thanks to their low-temperature process, high field-effect mobility, good short-range uniformity, and the possibility of large-size panels with simple process. With the expectation of high resolution PAMOLED we developed high mobility high stability oxide TFT. Especially we will see the role of gate insulator process in the high mobility plastic oxide TFT.