Date 2022-07-13 
Time 10:00 
Title Experimental and computational design of sustainable battery materials 

아래 초청 연사인 이진혁 박사는 우리 학과 신임교원 지원자로 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다.  


■ Title :  Experimental and computational design of sustainable battery materials 

 Lecturer :  Dr. Jinhyuk Lee (Assistant Professor, Department of Mining and Materials EngineeringMcGill University)

■ Date : July. 13th(Wed), 10:00 ~ 11:00 

■ Venue : Zoom Meeting 

   pw: kaistmse1
 Abstract : 

The world electric vehicle (EV) fleet powered by Li-ion batteries (LIB) is predicted to peak at about 1.5 billion vehicles (according to BloombergNEF). Assuming ~75 kWh per EV, the passenger EV segment alone for the world is 100 TWh. There are not enough critical minerals, namely Ni and Co, used in current LIB cathodes, whereas the supply of minerals (e.g., C, Si) for the other components (anode, electrolyte) is predicted to remain stable. The energy transition and net-zero carbon by 2050 goals cannot happen without the development and commercial scale-up of earth-abundant LIB chemistries. In this talk, I will demonstrate how experimental and computational research can accelerate the development of sustainable LIB materials by discussing the opportunities for new classes of Co & Ni-free cathode materials (e.g., disordered rock-salts, partly (dis)ordered spinels) with high energy density and low cost. Furthermore, I will briefly share my outlooks on future battery R&D, such as accelerated composition mining, materials processing, and electrode/cell-level engineering of sustainable batteries.