Date 2017-03-28 

Regular Seminar Announcement

■ Title: Self-healing phosphor: New paradigm for high-power LED lighting

■ Speaker: Prof. Lim Won Bin (Jeonnam National University)


■ Date and time: 28th of March (Tue) 16:00


■ Venue: KAIST Applied Engineering B/D(W1), Multimedia Lecture Hall (1st Floor)


 Abstract: Phosphor-converted white light-emitting diodes (pc-WLEDs) are the efficient light source that has multifarious applications in lighting, high-tech displays, and electronic devices. One of the biggest challenge of pc-WLEDs are the thermal quenching, in which phosphor suffers from emission loss with increasing temperature during high-power LED operation and is an inevitable drawback for any existing phosphor. Here we report for the first time, a new blue-emitting phosphor that doesn’t exhibit thermal quenching revealing zero-emission loss even upto 250ºC. This phenomena of non-thermal quenching, denoted as self-healing phosphor, portrays the ability of phosphor in resurrecting the emission loss and sustaining the luminescence with increasing temperature. This finding would initiate the exploration of many self-healing phosphors with non-thermal quenching for high-power LED applications.