Date 2015-10-13 

The Fall Semester Seminar


■ Topic : Charge Transport in Solution-processed Organic Semiconductors

■ Speaker : Prof. Mijung Lee (School of Advanced Materials Eng., Kookmin Univ.)

■ Date & Time : October 13 (Tue), 16:00
■ Venue :  KAIST Applied Engineering B/D(W1), Multimedia Lecture Hall (1st Floor)


■ Abstract : Solution casting of organic semiconducting materials is useful for industrial application due to its facile and practical approach. It also draws attention in research to investigate the directional crystal growth and charge transport inside. Study for uniaxially aligned polythiophene semiconducting layer fabricated zone casting showed electrical anisotropy, which is related with parallel and perpendicular to the polymer chain direction. [1] It was also investigated using electrooptical spectroscopy to reveal the the anisotropy of optical properties of charges in aligned nano ribbon polymer films. [2] Extending the study, we look into soluble organic small molecules to control the electrical properties and anisotropy of the devices. Small molecule solution blended with polymers exhibits reproducible improved charge transport characteristics. Various conditions were explored and molecular weight and ratio are crucial factors, in which further investigation is going on.