Date 2017-11-13 

■ Title : Recent Development and Understanding of High-Temperature PEM Fuel Cells at DTU Energy
■ Speaker : Prof. Jens Oluf Jensen (Technical University of Denmark)       

■ Invitation from : Prof. EunAe Cho (T. 3317)      
■ Date and time : 13th of November, (Mon) 16:00      
■ Venue : Applied Engineering Dpt. Bd W1 Room 2425       


■ Abstract : 

High-temperature PEM fuel cells (HT-PEMFC) have been studies and developed at Technical University of Denmark for two decades. Today the technology has reached a high level of maturity and commercialization is gaining momentum through industries like Danish Power systems, Serenergy, Siqens and Elcore. The immediate aim is now to reduce cost and extend durability.


Recent durability studies will be presented and the learning points discussed. The effect of temperature, current load and gas flow rates was studied systematically in a matrix study.[1] All three parameters have significant effects on voltage decay at constant current. It will moreover be shown that that even though HT-PEMFCs run perfectly without humidification, humidity control is crucial for accelerated stress tests of the catalysts by potential cycling, if the tests shall be meaningful.[2] Finally, work on oxygen reduction catalysts without the use of platinum group metals will be presented. Highly organized nanostructured catalysts can be synthesized from simple precursors in a one-pot autoclave process leading to oxygen reduction catalysts with high activity in acidic as well as alkaline environment.[3] The understanding, or lack of understanding, of the active site of what is believed to be iron-nitrogen-carbon based catalysts will be discussed.

A book on HT-PEMFC was published recently.[4]



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