학과 정기세미나 안내

■ 제목Metamaterials and metadevices for extreme control and manipulation of light

■ 연사 : 노준석 교수 (포항공과대학교 기계공학과/화학공학과)


■ 초청자 : 전석우 교수

■ 일시 : 10 4 () 16:00 

■ 장소 : 응용공학동 (W1) 1층 영상강의실


■ 내용


Metamaterials, artificially structured nanomaterials, have enabled unprecedented phenomena such as invisibility cloaking and negative refraction. In this talk, I will discuss our efforts in achieving the unique optical property overcoming diffraction limit to achieve several extraordinary nanodevices demonstration. First, I will present super-resolution imaging device called hyperlens, which is the first experimental

demonstration of near- to far-field imaging at visible light with resolution beyond the diffraction limit in two lateral dimensions. Second, I will show another unique application of metamaterials for miniaturizing optical cavity, a key component to make lasers, into the nanoscale for the first time. Third, I will show the recent achievements of chirality-assisted photo-induced switching of reconfigurable negative index metamaterial device and large scale negative index metasurface with anomalous spin-hall effect. Finally, I will show how those proof-of-concepts in scientific level can be applied to real engineering applications as a solution in current nanoscience and nanotechnology. It will include the examples of high-resolution and

high-throughput flying head nanolithography, super-resolution real time bioimaging applications and scalable manufacturing methods for future nanosciencne where metamaterials becomes metadevices. I believe our efforts in sub-wavelength metamaterials and scalable manufacturing methods will lead extreme light control and manipulation with development of metamaterials and metadevices, and further advanced nanophotonics, nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing.