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Date 2024-07-08 
Time 13:30 
Title Perovskite Hetero-Interface Microstructure and Intra-Crystal Disorder 
■ 일시  :2024년 7월 8일(월), 오후1시30분
■ 장소 : W1-1(신소재공학과_응용공학동), 2427호
■ 연사 :  Prof. Yuanyuan (Alvin) Zhou (HKUST)
■ 주제 : Perovskite Hetero-Interface Microstructure and Intra-Crystal Disorder
■ 주관 : 신소재공학과 신병하 교수
■ Abstract : 
  Perovskite hetero-interface microstructure (HIM) and intra-crystal disorder (ICD) can influence the properties and performance of resultant solar cells and optoelectronics, which remain terra incognita. In my talk, I will discuss our recent developments on the novel characterization and tailoring of these two microstructural factors, which contribute to elevating our fundamental understanding of microscopic structure-property-performance relationship in perovskites. Specifically, I will introduce two prototypical perovskite HIM design featuring engineered grain-boundary grooves and chiral-structured interlayers, respectively. Then, we will illustrate our findings on performance-limiting ICDs and their intriguing structural dynamics, enabled by our latest innovations in scanning transmission electron microscopy methodologies. The unprecedented microstructural designs of HIMs and ICDs contribute to improved carrier injection, chemical stability, and mechanical reliability of perovskite solar cells. Finally, I will provide the perspectives and current ΣLab efforts pushing the frontier of perovskite knowledge as well as the broad materials research via unravelling emergent microstructural phenomena