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Date 2023-07-28 
Time 11:00 
Title Exploration of Nanoscale Functionalities of Complex Oxides via Scanning Probe Microscopy 
■ 일시 : 2023년 07월 28일(금), 오전 11시
■ 장소 : 제2세미나실(2429호)
■ 연사 : 허윤 교수님 (인하대학교)
■ 주제 : Exploration of Nanoscale Functionalities of Complex Oxides via Scanning Probe Microscopy
■ 주관 : 신소재공학과 홍승범 교수
■ Abstract : 
      Complex oxides are one of the main foci of condensed matter research due to the plethora of emergent phenomena such as ferroelectricity and magnetism that can be exploited as novel functionalities for technological applications. The complex interplay of multiple degrees of freedom including spin, charge, orbital and lattice gives rise to such phenomena, resulting in novel functional properties of complex oxides. Therefore, understanding fundamentals of how complex oxides behave with their own structures and functional properties is the key for development of next generation technologies.
For this, nanoscale characterization via scanning probe microscopy (SPM) has played a crucial role to probe and characterize materials, spatially correlate local responses, and manipulate and write features directly, offering fundamental insights to develop novel functionalities and nanodevice concepts. In this seminar, I will talk about SPM-based studies to show nanoscale structures and properties associated with phase transitions, electronic and ionic conduction, and piezoelectricity under illumination [1-5]. These results unveil fundamentals of structure-related functionalities of complex oxides for their potential implementation in next generation nanoelectronics.