Date 2022-05-17 
Time 16:00 
Title Studies for Unconventional Effects to Conventional Mechanical-Electrical Devices 

학과 정기 세미나 안내

■ 제 목:  Studies for Unconventional Effects to Conventional Mechanical-Electrical Devices


 연 사:  정창규 교수 (전북대학교 신소재공학부)                  


■  일 시:  2022년 5월 17(화) 오후 4시 


 ■ Host :  이건재 교수 


■ 참가자 접속정보 (3:50분까지 참가를 부탁드립니다)        

               (pw: kaistmse1)
 Abstract :   

This talk discusses recent research achievements about the new or modified mechanisms of piezoelectric energy harvesting materials using from ceramic particles to biological polymers. First, the flexoelectric influence on the piezoelectric core-shell nanoparticles will be explained. Because of the lattice mismatch between core and shell parts in the nanoparticles, our group can expect the strain gradient effect inducing flexoelectricity. Secondly, the representative piezoelectric polymer, P(VDF-TrFE), will be discussed. Recently, there are some reports showing that the behavior reminiscent of morphotropic phase boundary (MPB) can be also emerged in the P(VDF-TrFE) ferroelectric copolymeric compositions. In addition, the relaxor-based phase competition has been also studied. Our group has validated that this intriguing phenomenon can also occur in the electrospinning configuration of P(VDF-TrFE), and found the enhanced performance of flexible energy harvesters. Finally, our group has found specific piezoresponses of silk biopolymers. It is highly related molecular bonds such as hydrogen bonding. Finally, I will introduce my various research results.