Date 2021-03-23 
Time 16:00 
Title Stretchable Hybrid Electronics Technology 

■ 제 목:  Stretchable Hybrid Electronics Technology


 연 사:  홍용택 교수 (서울대학교 전기.정보공학부)             


■ 일 시:  2021년 3월 23(화) 오후 4시


■ Host : 박상희 교수  


■ 참가자 접속정보 (3:50분까지 참가를 부탁드립니다)   

      접속 링크: 

      ID: 808 075 7553

      비밀번호: 2021mse


 Abstract : 

Recently, large-area electronics technology has been a lot developed and thus, form factor engineering has been one of the key enabling technologies for future electronic devices and systems. For example, various products with foldable/rollable display panels are available in market today. In addition, flexible and even stretchable wearable sensors are one of the hottest topics in materials and electronics research fields. In this talk, my group's effort in stretchable hybrid electronics (SHE) technology will be described, which includes printing-based strain engineering in stretchable substrates, stretchable printed wrinkled silver electrodes formed by pre-stretching and inkjet-printing, pick-and-place chip bonding with printed pads and silver epoxy, and stretchable vias and crossovers. A new strategy for body attachable devices, which is called soft modular block assembly, is also described, where by directly assembling modular blocks of sensors, displays, electrodes, and silicon ICs, a fully customized wearable MP joint flexion monitoring system with high measurement accuracy has been demonstrated. For a long-term solution toward low-cost and potentially disposable wearable devices, we are also working on stretchable printed electronics technology, focusing on stretchable electrodes and pressure/strain sensors.